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I love my black and white blog but I’m probably going to take a break from it for a while.

http://im-o.tumblr.com/ is my new account. It’s a color blog and will have pretty much the same kind of content, but with color. xD

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If you actually think physical attractiveness is important in a relationship, you are not shallow. To make a good relationship last you have to be physically and mentally attracted to the person. I am tired of seeing people being called shallow simply because they are looking for someone attractive to them, mentally and physically.

You are shallow when physical attractiveness is the only thing that keeps you two together.

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today was presumably the worst day in the past couple of months. 

This is heartbreaking. As a person who has suffered and still is suffering from depression I can surely say it made me stop and watch this for such a long time. Why should anyone feel sorry for “having” depression? You don’t have depression first of all. Depression “has” you in some kinda weird way. And it’s never your fault. Never and in no fucking way. Don’t be sorry. Don’t let anyone make you apologize for feeling this way. Nobody wants depression. Nobody needs it. Nobody. With no exception. Don’t ever ever apologize.

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My boyfriend’s cat is on the verge of death and he has to make the decision to put it down shortly and he’s torn up about it and I don’t know what to do. 

Obviously I’m not dumb and I told him that I’ll be here for him through anything and all of the default things that you tell someone who’s grieving.. But I just don’t know what to do. I hate seeing him like this and I can’t go visit him right now.. There’s nothing I can do and I just feel useless.

I’ve dealt with death of family members and animals and pets all throughout my life and I know how I deal with them, but it’s so much different for him. He’s had so little of that and he’s taking this so hard. His cat was like a son to him. I just wish I had something more I could do for him. :c

Any ideas or advice?